Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm grateful for...

* Sunny days

* my attendants who respect me

* those who understand the comfort of silence

* the stranger who saw that I was wet and cold yesterday and offered to walk with me to my building

* the talk we had under the stranger's umbrella

* that nature called and I answered

* my attendant who saw that I was cold and changed my clothes and heated up my coffee

* the people at Starbucks who know that I take soy milk in my coffee

* the pizza I ate

* The Observer for visiting me

* the grande coffee I drank

* Dr. Oz show

* Oprah's real-life shows

* My friend Christina

* that I have a family to go to for Thanksgiving

* choices

* breakfast

* music

* love

* gum

* my apartment

* my freedom

* all of the support I have every day

* My Mom and Dad