Saturday, October 24, 2009

Life's a pee party...

Remember how my brother's girlfriend is very friendly and talkative? Well, I love talking about her sunny nature and chatty ways. His girlfriend intrigues me. This could be because I'm talkative and positive myself. Do I annoy people with my optimism? Am I constantly talking like her? They say the traits we're intrigued with in others are the very same traits that exist within ourselves. What do you think? Could I be a Little Ms. Sunshine too? Is that why she fascinates me? It's not a bad thing to be happy. That said, I can be quite grumpy too. The Observer gets asked weekly by me whether I'm grumpy. The odd time his answer is yes, which is normal.

Our visit last night was fun. We listened to music and talked. I almost fell out of my wheelchair without even realizing. Thankfully, the Observer helped me out (or "up", I should say!) Sometimes I can be quite out of touch with where my body is headed. We ended the night at Starbucks. Isn't that a surprise? Following the advice of my nutritionist, I've switched back to skim milk (not soy) when I don't feel like having my coffee black. Skim milk isn't as tasty as soy milk, but whatever helps, I guess. On the way home, a taxi driver almost ran me down. If it had been my last living night, at least I was with the Observer and drinking my favourite beverage on earth.

At noon today, the superintendent put a new shower hose on my shower. It took him longer than expected. I really had to pee. I was worried that I would explode, so I went down to my attendants' lounge in my building and waited there until someone could help me. The bathroom isn't the cleanest, but I didn't care. I would have gone in a whole. Bladders have the worst timing. My brother's girlfriend would say, "We're all human and isn't life one big pee party?" Well, she might not say that, but it would be some happy thought....

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