Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Live, love, laugh and be happy...

Thanksgiving was amazing this year! I love all thanksgiving related themes and traditions. I've not had a rotten one yet. It's ALWAYS a great holiday. That said, this year was particularly special. Remember how it was Dad's birthday last Wednesday? We had a dinner, but only myself, my brother and his girlfriend could make it. When everyone arrived, my oldest brother said that he had a special present for my father. Being a big joker, I assumed my brother was giving my Dad a funny card. He opened his card and smiled. Surprised, everyone waited as Dad opened his gift. I saw him take out a frame and heard screaming. My sister-in-law teared up and so did my Mom. Minutes later, I saw the picture frame said "Grandpa's Little Monkey." Inside the frame, my sister in law had written photo and baby to arrive on April 29th, 2010.

My sister in law is pregnant! It's taken a bit to sunk in. My whole family is over the moon. There will be a little baby here in the spring. Oh my gosh! My brother will be a Dad. My sister-in-law will be a Mom. My Mom will be a grandmother. My Dad will be grandfather. My brother will be an uncle. The Observer will be an uncle. My sister will be an aunt and so will I. It's exciting. Hurry up winter and bring on spring!

At first I was shocked. I didn't think my sister-in law could get pregnant for another three years because she endured chemotherapy. Fortunately I was wrong. All through dinner, I couldn't stop looking at my sister-in-law. I was in disbelief. Finally, by the time dinner ended, I started to realize that new life had began. I said grace before Thanksgiving dinner. Earlier that afternoon, Dad and I went for coffee and I stopped to buy Mom flowers. Dad had me listen to the song When The Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin' Along. Thinking of the song's lyrics, I said, "Live, love, laugh, and be happy." Everyone smiled and dug in. The meal was delicious. I sat next to my mom's friend. I missed the Observer. Everyone was wishing he was around to hear about the baby. Special events are more special shared with the Observer.

I decided to spend an extra night at home. I was tired and didn't have huge plans, so I thought why not? I teased Dad that I rarely come home, but when I do, he can't get me to leave. He smiled. I ate turkey left-overs and pie, watched TV with Mom and read People magazine. Dad drove me home last night. When he left, I said, "Bye Grandpa-to-be". It has a pleasant ring. Mom gave me a beautiful orange and yellow plant. It's sitting on my table and brightens my kitchen up. Yesterday I was saying that one day my brother and his wife will sit down with their son or daughter. They will explain how my sister in law endured the hardest year of her life and then became a mother to a beautiful little person. As I finished saying this, I started to cry. I tease the Observer for being emotional, but it takes one softy to attract another softy, right?


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