Friday, October 30, 2009

The need for a treat...

Sometimes I need a treat - or in yesterday's case - two. Earlier in the day, I bought myself a vanilla waffle. I'm not usually a waffle person, but I enjoyed every bit. The store often gives out free samples. I knew from experience that they put icing sugar on their waffles that gets all over my pants. I asked the store not to put icing sugar, which helped me not worry about making a mess. On my way home, I realized that it was getting cold and windy. I'm glad I put on a heavier jacket.
Last night I went to a Starbucks in my old neighbourhood. I had heard that the store was giving out free packets of their new Ready Brew instant coffee. When it comes to coffee, I will go as far as I must, especially if the coffee is free. I had never been inside that particular Starbucks. When I lived there, it wasn't wheelchair accessible. Now they have built a ramp. If it had been the only coffee shop in the area, I would have made an argument, but thankfully there were lots of coffee shops in the area. I rushed to the store, but didn't see any sign of a special promotional event. Maybe I was too early or got the date wrong. I still had a pleasant trip to the shop. All was not lost. A free packet of Ready Brew coffee would have been sweet, but sometimes we just have to fork out cash. While in the area, I bought pizza from a place I've been dying to visit. The store is called Pizzaiolo and is part of a chain. There is a store in my area, but sadly, it has steps. Every time I pass the store, I look longingly inside at the customers enjoying their pizza. Pizzaiolo has a vegan pizza (made with no cheese) that I've been dying to taste. I ordered a slice of pizza called Diana V with zzucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, and basil on thin, whole wheat crust. The pizza was good, but a bit dry. I only missed the cheese a little. The employees were super friendly and helpful, especially the manager. I will definitely be making another trip. Having had a light supper beforehand, I felt a little guilty for my late night indulgence, but I just couldn't drive so far without some kind of treat.

I slept well last night, so the world looks brighter. I had a sweet attendant. Sometimes she talks a bit too much, but the same has probably been said about myself. It's better to be over energetic and chatty as opposed to not enough. I soaked her pants as she was showering me. I felt bad, even though she was super sweet. It's rainy and wet today. I have been to the drugstore to drop off medication prescriptions and to the St. Lawrence Market where I bought two portabello mushrooms and one bag of white button mushrooms. I'm going to be all mushroomed out. I am twenty seven years old today. If you hear in the news that a woman overdosed on mushrooms, that would be me. On second thought, I think this can only happen with magic mushrooms.


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