Saturday, October 17, 2009

People are good...

Last night I watched The Diary Of Anne Frank. The movie was the old black and white version. I enjoyed it. Though I've read the book and know the story well, I was still touched by how Anne Frank was able to see good around her. Otto Frank was quite courageous too. In her dairy, Anne writes that she wants to become a journalist. She never got to go to school to learn to write professionally. In many ways, she wrote the greatest book of all time without living to see her success. Anne had a close relationship with her father. He gave her the diary, which turned out to be her greatest comfort. It's hard to imagine being sixteen years old and having to go into hiding. Life is complex at that age. Maybe we sense when we don't have much time left, so we do all we can.

I drank two big mugs of chocolaty chai tea last night. The tea tastes spicy and delicious. It's my new favourite night-time ritual. As I relaxed holding my mug of hot tea and watched the film, I couldn't help by think of how simple activities can bring sure pleasure. I was totally happy. Yes, I'm feeling better after a few days of being under the weather, but I just felt at peace with life. It's not perfect, but we do the best we can. The most important message I gained from watching The Diary Of Anne Frank is that people are good. Every day I try to believe this, but a reminder never hurts.


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