Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sleep! Sleep! Please fall upon me!

It's a beautiful, sunny, bright, fall-like Tuesday outside. I wish I felt more like getting outside and enjoying the weather. The leaves are so crunchy and pretty - just like the big tall trees. The Observer has a cough and is home resting right now. His cough began late last night as we were finishing our conversation. At first I assumed water went down the wrong pipe or he had a tickle in his throat. Unfortunately, he had more than a tickle. Hopefully the Observer feels better soon. A day of rest will probably do the Observer well. I have never heard of anyone being adversely affected by too much rest.

I can't seem to get motivated to do much of anything. I didn't sleep very much last night. Winding down from the busy events of the day never really happened. I was engrossed in watching the show Top Chef on the Food Network and then Three's Company. I LOVE that show, but need to find when it's on during daytime hours - not only three ' o clock in the morning. My body would appreciate more rest. Everyone around me would probably find me easier to get along with as well. I can hear myself thinking cranky thoughts out of frustration. I must be suffering from tiredness. One thing I've learned is that when our bodies really need sleep, we get it.

Last night I came home and spent a long time unsticking a piece of gum from the garbage can. The gum was stuck right to the bottom and knowing it was there drove me crazy. I had to fix it. It was hard work, but I was satisfied with my efforts. Watching TV an hour before bed, I noticed that my head was really itchy. Since winter isn't far off, I knew a dry scalp was to blame. It's another reason to love winter. The more I focused on the itch, the more it drove me crazy. Before I knew it, I was off to drugstore in the dark of the night to buy anti-itch fighting shampoo. I put it on my bathroom shelf happily knowing that my purchase would help.

This morning I did use the anti-dandruff shampoo. It cooled down my head, which has to have helped. My attendant commented that the shampoo smelled like medicine. I would have to agree with her, but as long as the shampoo soothes my itchy scalp, the stuff could smell like tare and I would still slather it on my scalp. There is nothing worse than being itchy in my books. I don't know anyone who likes the feeling. Speaking of discomfort, lately my shower chair has been hurting me. Sitting in it for long periods causes my bottom to hurt. I have been dreading taking showers because I anticipate the pain. This isn't good. A girl has got to be clean. Worried about having another sore bottom, I asked my attendant if we could use my other shower chair. It's custom made, which means it offers more support and fits my body structure with more ease. Thankfully the custom made shower chair was more comfortable. I think my bottom appreciated the change. The only downside was that my legs fell asleep. Unlike my usual commode, the custom made one is missing footrests. My feet dangle and all the blood rushes down. I got pins and needles rather quickly, but moving my feet around helped. My attendant was very understanding, which also helps. At least my bottom got a break. Nothing is perfect. My bottom was saved, but my legs went to sleep. Now, if only I could get the rest of myself to sleep tonight...


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