Thursday, October 15, 2009

A busy and pleasant fall day..

Unlike yesterday's quiet day, I decided not to stay at home and wait for nature to call. I went to the St. Lawrence Market. Over Thanksgiving, I saw that Mom and Dad needed bagels. Since I'm having constipation issues, Mom really wanted to either come and get me and take me home or come and check on me. While I love to see Mom, both of these options are not necessary. I have all the help and laxatives I need at my apartment. I suppose Mom is just thinking about the fact that I live alone and don't have a loving companion with me. It's true that when I'm not feeling well, loving company is sweet, but I've become accustomed to fending for myself. There are two dozen bagels waiting for Mom and Dad if I happen to see them. I bought asparagus and peppers from the market. Travelling there was a chilly trip. My hands turned red. Pretty soon it will be time for mittens.

In the afternoon, I went grocery shopping. I spent longer than I planned in both time and money. I bought bread, broccoli, Splenda, and chai chocolate tea. The teenager at the grocery store who I stopped to ask for help told me they don't carry the bread I wanted. After searching, I found it. Maybe the guy was new. At the cash register, I forget that the produce employee had put broccolli in my backpack and I almost left without paying. The cashier was sweet about having to ring in another item and even found me a coupon for Splenda. She told me that Splenda is the only sugar she can have. She must think I'm a diabetic. Thankfully, that's not one of my issues. For a while I was buying a decaf coffee with soy milk from Timothy's every night. I think it was the soy milk that made the coffee tasty. My dietitian told me last week that soy milk might not be the best choice right now. I need a treat and have been looking at the chai chocolate tea for a long time. The timing seemed right. I'm excited to try it tonight. There is a chill in the air, so it seems like a good evening to have a cup of tea before bed.


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