Monday, November 30, 2009

Cheer up Sunshine! It's Sunday....

The Observer and I saw the movie The Blindside staring Sandra Bullock last night. My taxi was late picking me up. Rain delayed transportation in both regions. My parents were waiting for me at the bus transfer point. In one way, I was glad the bus was late as it gave me time to visit with Mom and Dad. Keeping them waiting made me feel bad. I knew that I was holding up their plans to meet my brother and his girlfriend for dinner. Our visit was short, but sweet as usual. I gave Mom a big bag of dirty laundry and she gave me two bags of clothes and yummy food. I have the best family. I was reminded of my good fortune by my friend's boyfriend. He and I both took the bus from my building to the transfer point. His girlfriend is the one I often have sushi or coffee with on Sundays. He doesn't come from a very loving family and could be called a latch key kid. My heart goes out to the guy. He's very sweet. I admire his intelligence and kindness. Most of his positive nature can be credited to himself alone. My friend's boyfriend said I lucked out in the area of parents. He's right.

The Observer was not his usual sunny, happy self when I got to the movies. He greeted me with, "What happened?" which he only says when he's a little tiffed. Part of me thinks his response his funny. I'm late and that's all I can really say. Bus and taxi tardiness is out of my control. The Observer's phone was off, so he must have been occupied with his ipod. I was glad as that's better than worrying. I kept telling him to, "Cheer up Sunshine! It's Sunday!" I knew the Observer really wanted to see The Blindside, but he likes to do things a hundred per cent or not all, particularly where movies are concerned. I still wanted to see the movie, even though we were twenty minutes late. The Observer took a bit to cheer up, but was himself once he started enjoying the movie. I had a hunch that the Blindside would bring out the Observer's sunny side. Movies always do. The story focused on a football star who was taken in by a loving family when he was orphaned. Sandra Bullock played a determined, loving mother. The Observer was chuckling and got choked up a few times, so I knew he liked the film. We both left the theater happy, a sure sign of a good movie.

At Starbucks later, a very sweet coffee server helped us out. She was extra attentive and made my coffee just right - a major score in my world. They gave out free slices of gingerbread holiday loaf. The treat was so yummy. I wanted another slice but restrained myself. A favourite taxi driver picked the Observer up. I got to chat with him, which was a bonus. The night started late, but ended with much sweetness. I'm not always so lucky. When I am, I count my blessings.

I woke up in the wee hours of the morning with a full bladder. The staff on shift couldn't reach me in time and had to clean me up. Fortunately, the wetness was contained and she was kind. Today I saw an attendant who I haven't seen in ages. She's one of my old favourites. I enjoyed our morning together. This afternoon, I dealt with a miserable attendant. It took everything in my not to be rude. I was struck with the thought, "Cheer up sunshine! They're not all bad."


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