Monday, November 23, 2009

Free coffee..

I forgot to mention that on Saturday the Observer and I stopped by the mall to see the crystal tree. The Observer got some top notch shots with his cell phone camera. There were a few people who had the same idea. Technology is so multi purposeful. By this time next year, cell phones will probably be able to perform a new function.

Last night I was very tired. My whole body felt sucked of energy. Too tired to read, I watched I Love Lucy on DVD. There's nothing like light, classic comedy when one needs to relax. Mom bought me the whole series on DVD. I'm on season two. There was an episode I watched last night called Murtz and Kurtz. Lucy posed as a maid named Bessie for a dinner hosted by Fred and Ethol. Fred wanted to pretend he was wealthy and having a maid was a way to uphold that image. Lucy was a klutz. She spilled food and was more interested in participating in the dinner-time conversation than working. I was struck by how Ethol treated Lucy as a menial worker, but I suppose this wouldn't have been unusual for maids in the 1950's. I'm glad we are more accepting of everyone now. If equality wasn't the norm, I would be in trouble.

I didn't sleep all that well last night. Having appointments today, I got up early. MacDondalds is having another free coffee promotion. Since it's only offered until ten ' o clock every morning, I usually miss it. My day commonly begins between nine and ten. If I have to get up early, a free coffee makes it worthwhile. MacDonalds was quite busy. Anything that is free draws quite a crowd. I saw quite a few homeless people in Macdonalds. It's not surprising. They need free coffee more than I do. My coffee was tasty and the young person who served me was sweet. Friendliness and free stuff is a rocking combination.


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