Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday on the Go...

There's nothing like a good sleep. Top notch rest is one of life's natural highs. I had a good sleep last night. I must have needed it. My day was fun, busy and productive. It's no wonder I was tired. I am feeling refreshed today. My visit home was fun. Dad and I took the Go-train. We had to wait around for about an hour and a half, because the Go-trains don't start running until 4:30. Dad bought me a yummy hazelnut coffee from Second Cup. I must have been thirsty as I downed that drink in a flash. There are two Second Cups at Union Station. I like the different choices each chain offers. It's impossible to have too many choices when coffee is involved. I brought Dad a muffin top that he munched on. I asked my attendant to take it from the freezer. I was worried that she took out the wrong treat, but Dad enjoyed the muffin. I was glad. I met more of Dad's co-workers. He let his mustache grow. His look is a little scruffy. I don't know if I like it. I think Dad can tell I'm on the fence. Sometimes it's what we DON'T say that counts.

We saw some of the same people on the Go-Train from our last trip about three weeks. There is a cute little boy with curly, dark hair named Tye, who I recognized. People were loud and happy. Being Friday, they must have been happy to head home. Dad chatted with the Go-train staff who asked me where I was coming from. Dad's car was waiting at the station close to our house, so we made it home fast. Dad was starving. We opened the door of our house to the smell of stir fried veggies. Mom had a yummy super of salmon, veggies and my favourite salad ready. My sister came from work. I was glad to see her as it gave me a chance to thank her for the ride from Collingwood to my apartment last weekend.

After I ate two servings of Mom's apple crisp for dessert, we headed to Homesense. Dad and I browsed while Mom and my sister shopped. Mom bought Christmas sprinkles and some gifts for my brother. He wants stainless steel bowls. I think he scored those yesterday. Dad and I found a children's book for the Observer's niece called Boo . The book might be a bit young for her, but it's cute. We laughed at the life size Santas. They're kind of hooky. An old, big, blind, gay man lives in my building. He's always saying he's lonely. One of those Santas would be great company for him. They are begging to be hugged. I am debating painting my orange sun room a more neutral colour. I'm growing up. I'm thinking brown or grey, but need to think more seriously.

Mom plucked my eyebrows before my taxi came. They were bushy. I was tired, so I drank lots of diet Coke before saying goodbye. Both of my taxi drivers were kind and funny. One was very happy to be finishing his day. I could relate.

I saw the cast of the movie Nine interviewed on Oprah today. Daniel Day Lewis seems so cute and sweet. I think he trumps Jude Law on my list of attractive actors. His gentle, sweet nature stirred something in me. I bet sleep is sweet in his bedroom (and for other reasons than a good rest!)


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