Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Good people...

I'm chilly. I had an appointment early this morning. Maybe I'm tired instead of cold. I made it to my appointment early so I went to Tim Hortons. The girl at the counter gave me a free coffee. She was sweet. A kind older man sat next to me. I knew he was sweet and normal. I could tell by the things he said. The man liked tea and often visited his daughter in the area. He had a kind, gentle face. The man reminded me of my father. I think it was his kindness. He helped me take the lid off my coffee. My Dad would have done the same. It's four ' o clock. Will this day ever end? Every day does and each day begins again. I need to stop my complaining. A free coffee and a kind man makes a good day, even though I'm tired.

The Observer went back to work today. Hopefully he was cleared to start work for good. I'm glad he's feeling better. I ran into his best friend on the street. I love seeing her. I was cold, but forgot how cold as soon as I saw her. Good people warm me up.