Thursday, November 26, 2009

Barbara's blah biography...

Have you ever been chilled to your bone? I am today. I just can't warm up. I've got the shivers. They began as soon as I woke up. Unfortunately, I had to drink my laxative mixed with purple Kool-aide. Luckily, it went down quite easily. I'm happy about that, as not every time goes so smoothly. I am often gaging, sputtering and chocking the awful tasting liquid down. Sometimes it's my laxative that makes me cold. Drinking so much medication has to be a shock to the system.

Last night I got stood up. I was planning to have psyiotheraphy, but it was cancelled at the last minute. I was a bit disappointed. My bottom has been sore and I was wondering if my psyiotheraphist had any answers. I spent the night reading the Barbara Walters biography called Audition. So far, the book isn't too exciting. It has only delved into Barbara Walter's childhood. I have a hunch it will pick up. Audition is a huge book, so it must be filled with lots of juicy stuff. Who can fill a book saying nothing? Well, it's not that hard, but not everyone can do it well. I'll see how Barbara does.....once I warm up.


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