Friday, November 20, 2009

Here comes the tree!

It's a sunny Friday, but not as warm as one would think. I'm chilled, but it doesn't take much. Yesterday it rained, so we can't complain about today I suppose. Last night a Christmas tree was unveiled at the mall. My plan was to go and watch the entire ceremony. My dinner-time attendant was late, so that plan didn't quite materialize. She's very chatty. I kept looking at the clock to try and hint that I was in a rush. She didn't get the message. I wanted to say, "Yeah, yeah, yeah...please get going because I've got somewhere to be." It's better to be late than rude, right? The mall was super crowded. People were clamouring to take pictures of the tree being unveiled just as I got there. I made it just in time for the big event. The host of the evening was from Breakfast Television. I think her name is Tracy Wilson, but I could be wrong. Music was provided by the Three Tenors. I didn't hear much of their music, but was impressed by what I did hear. They sing opera-like music. As happened last year, I got all choked up. Maybe it's the spirit of Christmas that hits me - or maybe I am super sensitive. Perhaps both is true. I tease the Observer for crying at the drop of a hat, but if truth be known, I cry just as easily.

I came home exhausted. My lack of sleep from the previous night caught up with me. I was grumpy and had a sore stomach. Being so tired, I couldn't decide whether I wanted to go home. There is only one pair of underwear left in my drawer, so that should have been the deal breaker. Having cancelled plans with the Observer, I didn't want to end up home and stuck in the washroom tonight if I could help it. The Observer was so sweet and understanding about my indecisive plans. He rolls with life and rarely complains. I can learn a lot from him. There are many better ways to spend an evening. Nature called at two o clock in the morning. Thankfully, my attendant was kind and helpful. We have all had to go to the washroom in the wee night hours, so there wasn't much my attendant could say. I did decide to go home. I need underwear. Plus, I'll get to see my parents. It's a win win situation.


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