Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Little sleep and lots of TV...

Why did I wait until this afternoon to go outside? The same question has been plaguing me with each beautiful day that arrives. How many will we have until the snow comes? I feel the need to stock up on weather that doesn't demand mittens or heavy winter coats while it's here. Today, however, my plan to get out and about never took shape. Good intentions are one thing: action is another. I spent the morning listening to Pink. While I'm borrowing the Observer's CD, I am stocking up on her latest and greatest tunes. Pink puts a smile on my face. One of my attendants said she came by my apartment door yesterday but my music was blaring so loudly that I couldn't hear her knocking. I must have been having a true party for one. The music has to be top notch for me to attend and host my own party. The soundtrack for yesterday's party delivered. *Thanks Observer!*

My friend gave me cinnamon sticks from Second Cup as a part of my birthday gift. They are delicious when infused in coffee. The cinnamon sticks smell and taste amazing. They add a sweet, nutty flavour to my coffee. I think cinnamon sticks are my new addiction. Next, I want to try my coffee made with seeds from a vanilla bean. I'm getting adventurous with coffee. Plain, old, straight up brew will never disappoint.

Last night was spent lying in my bed watching TV. I couldn't sleep. The second I put my head on the pillow, I knew it would be a rough evening. My first show was the health addition of local news, which was all about the H1N1 vaccine. Listening to all the questions and concerns made me feel relief that I have my shot and grateful that I didn't catch the flu. I watched Top Chef next and Natalie Portman added as a judge. Chefs had to prepare vegetarian dishes for her in a steakhouse. I tuned into Three's Company and part of a Food network biography show called At The Table With....

Last night involved a lot of TV and little sleep. So far, I've felt alright today, but my eyes are starting to feel a bit heavy. I'll sleep well tonight. If I have more trouble, maybe I'll get up and have another party-for-one in the wee hours of the night. The neighbours will LOVE me. Maybe I'll try tea infused with a cinnamon stick instead. It's a sweeter option - in more ways than one.


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