Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lost, lights, cold and love...

Cold weather, finding my way and I do NOT mix. The event that the Observer and I attended last night confirmed this. The evening was part of a weekly celebration called the Cavalcade Of Lights. One of our city's main public venues lit a beautiful, red and gold tree to symbolize the beginning of the holiday season. Being evening, the sky was dark and showcased the Christmas tree and lights. There was also a full skating rink and glow sticks for kids. The big attraction had to be the musical performers who included Ed Robertson who used to sing for the Bare Naked Ladies, Matt Dusk and Keisha Shante and some other performers that don't stick out in my mind. I got to the venue well before the Observer. I saw some of the night's preparations and staked out different places to keep warm. By then, I was already starting to get cold. I should have realized that I wasn't going to get any warmer. Cold and finding my way while anywhere new are two of my biggest challenges. The Observer knew to text me when he was nearby. Both of us trying to find each other turned out to be a big nightmare. In the hundreds of people, it was an hour and a half before we tracked each other down. Amist the crowd, a heard a frantic male voice yell out for me. Finally meeting up with the Observer was a huge relief. He's a pretty patient guy. I was really chilly. As we tried to find shelter, we saw a bit of the beautiful fireworks. All was not lost. Having waited for dinner, we needed food. Since I was nipped, the Observer sweetly got me a coffee in a jam packed Timothy's. I appreciated his gesture, but wished he had bought some hot beverage for himself too. The Observer gave me the Fun house CD by Pink and Matt Dusk. I'm not a big Matt Dusk fan. He's OK. Seeing him perform for free is a good deal, but I would never buy his album. I told the Observer my thoughts and he's going to try to return the both CDs. I've listened to Fun house countless times, so I really don't need a copy. Was I rude to tell the Observer that I really don't want both albums? Would it have been classier to graciously accept both gifts, even though I won't use them? Hopefully the Observer knows that I appreciate his kindness. Isn't it a good sign that I can be honest with him about what I want and don't want? I'm not sure I ought to have been so blunt.

We found a table. The Observer bought a hot dog with ketchup and mustard. He didn't want it when he spilled on his pants. I called him a baby. I would have eaten the hot dog plain or worried about the mess later. Living and eating is more important than being clean in my books. Everyone is different. I almost missed my bus. I couldn't find the pick-up spot and the bus driver was just pulling away when he saw me. I got lucky. Getting under my covers last night, I still felt cold. The Observer might be a baby when he comes to making a mess, but I'm truly a baby when cold weather hits me. It takes one to know one, doesn't it?