Sunday, November 01, 2009

Home for Halloween..

Sometimes there's just no place like home. I'm sure you would agree. Home is where I find myself now. Yesterday I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to hang out with my parents. Without the Observer around, life is quiet and lonely. I miss him like I have never missed anyone. My parents say that I won't stop talking about him. I am worried about the Observer. I feel so sad that he has been down and out for so long. Understandably, the Observer is frustrated and bored. Maybe that's a sign that he's getting better. I think that's why I miss him. Sympathy makes the heart grow fonder. He is starting to be more talkative, which is good. My oldest brother has been sick with the flu too. Like the Observer, he's been out of commission, but is slowly returning to himself. The poor guys...

Last night I helped Dad hand out candy. We only got about forty trick or treaters. I haven't seen trick or treaters since moving to my apartment. I enjoyed seeing the little kids. Very few older ones said thank you. Where are kids' manners these days? After the last trick or treaters came, I watched two periods of the hockey game with Dad. i never get that chance. We had sweet quality time.

Dad took me to get my H1N1 vaccine. He saved the day, and in a way, my health. We had quite the adventure, but I'll explain more tomorrow. My family is downstairs gathered for dinner. They make every day better. I am blessed with a wicked family, an awesome boyfriend and good health. Life's grand when we count simple gifts.