Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mindless matters...

Today is a sunny Sunday. Those are always a blessing. This morning wasn't too productive on my end. I talked to the Observer, listened to the UK countdown on the radio and read People. My plan was to go outside, but it just didn't happen. Yesterday was the same deal....I need to get my arse into gear. Soon my arse will be in gear to get out, but it will be too cold. I dread the winter like never before. I'm not sure why. It will come whether I'm ready for it or not. Christmas is the only enjoyable part of winter. I hate having cold hands. Everyone does, I suppose.

Meeting the Observer and my friend at Union Station yesterday was fun. I was a bit late getting there, but they are an understanding bunch. We all had subs and chatted. It was a nice afternoon. I was glad the Observer could make it. He and my friend get along well. The Observer gets along well with anyone. Sometimes I know I can be the most challenging person in the Observer's life to tolerate. He would never say so, but I know. My friend gave me an overgenerous monetary gift. I may use it for a haircut. I am feeling rather shaggy. Putting away soaps last night, I accidentally unplugged my TV. I was surprised at how disappointed not being able to watch it made me feel. I've never really thought of myself as a big TV fan. In fairness, Top Chef was on and I really wanted to see it. Thankfully, my attendant came right before the show started and plugged it in. I tuned in just in time. Luck was on my side. Top Chef is more about cut throat kitchen behaviour as opposed to cooking. It's like a soap opera for cooks. It's light TV before bed. Even so, it's obviously a more important part of my life than I thought. Sometimes mindless entertainment plays an important role in our lives.