Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday at the chalet...

My family weekend at the chalet is going well. The trip here with my brother and sister-in-law was fun. When we left the city, there was tons of traffic. Picking up my sister-in-law from her work took the longest. It's not often that I'm on the road at rush hour, which is probably good. We made it here in time for dinner. Seeing everyone settled and happy was relaxing. There's nothing like arriving to a place that already feels like home. I sat with my sister . She and my brother-in law were dinner chefs. They made a delicious roast chicken, white and green beans and cauliflower. After dinner, we played a movie trivia game called Scene It. Since I don't watch a lot of movies, I didn't get many right. I was wishing I had the Observer here. He is a movie expert. My brother-in-law won. He wins most games. I think his brain is a bit larger than average. The same could be said about the Observer's heart. Later, my twin brother sang Cheer Up Sleepy Jean. His singing had everyone roaring. Last year, he would have never taken such a risk. My twin brother's girlfriend has brought out his outgoing side. Sometimes all it takes is the right person to bring out what has always been within us.

Sleep didn't come easily to many of us last night. A change of scenery can make sleeping rough. I was cold and uncomfortable. Dad turned me over and covered me up. I drifted off. We were up bright and early. My sister-law and I chatted while Mom baked our raspberry french toast . Slowly, I've been working my way through People magazine. Fergie is on the front because her actor husband Josh Dumale is accused of cheating. Hopefully reports are false, but I haven't read the article yet. Stay tuned....

I had great intentions of reading which haven't materialized. I think I'll call the Observer. Today is his niece's fourth birthday party. Though I'm sad that we're not together this weekend, it's important that we're both with our families. Our shared love and respect for our families is one of the threads of our relationship. There is a lot of love in our hearts - for our families and each other.


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