Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday at the chalet...

I slept like a baby. I was exhausted. I woke up thirsty. Dad got me a drink. When I'm thirsty, sleep is impossible. This morning, I slept until about 9:30. Everyone was already up. We had the apple strudel. Everyone liked it. I had the last piece just as all of the food was getting packed. The strudel was worth the cold trip to the market. Even so, I wouldn't want to make that trek too often in winter. Last night I was ready to drop. I kept eating these little, oatmeal chocolate cookies my brother made. Going to bed was what I needed - not more food. Oh well, I can't turn back time - only learn.

Needing to check-out of the chalet by noon, everyone was kind of rushing to pack up. I felt a mixture of emotions. The weekend was fun, social, relaxing and good for me. A break from routine is therapeutic. All the things I worried about turned out to be non-issues. My siblings all helped carry me up and down the stairs and I asked anyone around for whatever I needed. Sometimes I make things into such a big deal...I couldn't shower, so I was staring to feel a bit grimy. My face felt dirty and so did my hair. I missed the Observer too. Surprisingly, I didn't miss my freedom to move freely as much as I thought I would. Maybe it's because there were so many helpful people around.

My sister and brother-in-law kindly drove me home. We were tired, so it was a quiet ride. My brother-in-law acted as a backseat driver and we managed to divert all the traffic from the Santa Clause parade. He's a clever one. We munched on muffins and pita chips. I think I ate too much because queasiness set in. I was praying that we'd make it home quickly. I felt better in my apartment. Saying goodbye to my sister made me sad. As sister's go, she's one of a kind.

I watched the first half of Gone With The Wind. I enjoyed the romantic elements as well as the historic ones. I hope to see the other half soon. There were some pretty profound quotes. I watched the rest of Alfie. The plot was light and cute. I was so tired that I was glad that I picked a mindless movie. My brain wouldn't have been able to process one that was too intense.

I'm feeling another top notch sleep coming on. When I have top notch weekends, top notch sleep often follows. Tiredness comes in different forms and this is a good tired. To think that I almost missed such a special weekend makes me sad. All I can do is be happy that I didn't.


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