Saturday, November 07, 2009

This Is It (or just OK)...

My visit with the Observer last night was fun. We saw the new Micheal Jackson movie called This Is It. Since it opened last week, the Observer has been waiting with baited breath to see the movie. He preordered his ticket. If he's not a fan, I don't know who would be. When the Observer got sick last week, he missed his chance to see the movie. Poor guy. Part of me wondered if he would still drag himself there - sick and everything. I'm glad the Observer waited to see the movie with me. I'm not a huge Micheal Jackson fan, but he was talented. Most of the movie was mediocre. I found it long and draggy at times. The best part was seeing the song Black Or White performed live. It's my favourite song. The Observer loved the movie. That's what mattered.

We went to a theater near the St. Lawrence Market. It was one cold trek. The theater is in an old, historic part of the city. It's not the most accessible location, but I still like going. Seeing a movie there feels intimate. We got there early, so we bought our tickets and went to Second Cup to wait.To prevent having to pee, I passed on coffee. It hurt. The Observer ordered his favourite frozen hot chocolate. I drank the end of it. Frozen hot chocolate would be yummier with a bit of coffee mixed in. The Observer doesn't like coffee, so he wouldn't agree. We all have our tastes. I think everything tastes better with coffee. We rushed home and were worried the Observer missed his bus. Luckily, the driver waited. Phew! I was freezing and glad to get in bed.

My sleep was broken last night, but I'm not too tired. I can't remember what I watched on TV, so I must have fallen asleep quickly. It's beautiful outside. I went to the St. Lawrence Market and bought apple strudel to bring to Colling wood next weekend. The lady who sells her baked goods always recognizes me. She was so kind today that I even bought a Chelsea bun for Mom and Dad. Maybe her friendliness is a sales tactic. If it is, I'm a sucker for sweet people selling sweet treats.


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