Friday, November 27, 2009

Tired day...

I'm very tired.............i couldn't sleep last night. my laxatives kicked in. talk about bad timing. i miss my parents and want to go home. i watched tv all night. three's company was on, which made me happy. That show never falls to make me smile. i love Jack Ripper. There are so many sexual undertones.

Today I got my hair cut. it's a lot shorter. I've had the same hairdresser before. she knows her stuff. I'm not sure if i like my hair. maybe it will grow on me. after getting my haircut, i bought vegan pizza. the store isn't wheelchair accessible, so a kind woman brought my pizza out. it's colder today. i needed a table, so i went inside the library and ate at a table there. on the way out, i almost bumped into someone being wheeled out on a stretcher. thankfully, the attendant spoke up before there was a collision.

i miss my mom............i wish i could see her. i need her lovin'. call me a baby, but it's how i feel. my head hurts and heart aches. the observer is coming over, so I'm happy about that...everything passes, right?

- ocg

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