Thursday, November 05, 2009

A trip and a half...

Yesterday I decided on a whim to go home and visit Mom and Dad. At the library, I craved an adventure. Starving, I stopped outside of the Pizziolo store and asked a guy going in if he could tell a server that I wanted to place an order from outside. A pizza server came out and I ordered a slice of vegan pizza. Carrying the pizza in my backpack, a kind student helped me get set up at a table. My vegan pizza tasted better than the one I had last Thursday, but it could have been because I was starving. With a full belly, I still craved excitement. Certain types of hungers aren't easily satisfied. Calling Mom, I asked her if I could come home with Dad who was working in the city. She said yes.

Since Dad's job originates from Union Station, we agreed to meet there. We had a coffee and Dad and I planned to take the Go Train from Union Station home. He introduced me to some of his co-workers who seemed sweet. They all had compliments to say about Dad. Sitting there chatting with Dad was fun. He looked tired. When it came time to board the train, one of his co-workers helped us find our way. The train was full and everyone seemed to know each other. I guess that's what happens when we travel at the same time with the same people every day. The conversations and familiarity between passengers made me think of an old Canadian show called Train 48, a reality show chronicling city commuters on the Go Train. There was a little boy on the train that all the adults knew and loved. He gave me a hug. Before getting on the train, I made friends with a girl who had Downs Syndrome. She talked to me for a bit and gave me five while waiting with her Dad. Both kids were very cute. As a little kid, I remember how riding the train was exciting. I forgot that Dad's routine is to sleep on the train. I felt guilty for cramping his style.

Mom and Riley picked us up from the Go Station. There was a little drizzle. She had dinner ready. I opted for a chicken breast and salad with pecans and cranberries. Mom and Dad had pasta. Mom gave me yummy Kashi crackers. I couldn't stop eating them. I went into cracker overload. Oh well, sometimes I just have to indulge. We watched a drama called Mercy. The show reminded me of ER. It was emotional. Mom and Dad were tired. I regretted staying so late, but knew I was lucky to get a ride home. While Mom slept on the couch, I watched some of a comedy called Cougar town, starring Courtney Cox. It was funny.

My taxi driver on the way home was one of favourites. He's kind and reminds me of my Dad. He gave me a mint. I met an older couple waiting for my bus who reminded me of my grandparents. They had been to a dinner. The wife really enjoyed herself. I suspected maybe they didn't get out much anymore. When the bus came to pick the couple up, he offered to take me home too. I was lucky. It was mid-night.

An attendant I don't often see helped me get ready for bed. She's reserved, but knows her job well. As a big lady, she has strength. When she leaned over to position me, I couldn't help but notice her pants were undone and her tummy was hanging out. I've seen a lot from my attendants, but never undone pants.

Dad said that a day in my life is always an adventure. He's right. I never know what or who I'll encounter. Yesterday was full of compassionate people, fun travelling and an exposed open zipper and girth.


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