Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday rain...

It's a grey, dreary, wet Wednesday. At this time last year, there was snow, so how can we really complain? It was another unproductive morning of TV watching. I saw a documentary called My Jewish Mother's Lesbian Wicken Wedding. The show is playing in a theater close to where I live. I pass the theater every day. The show does look funny, offbeat and happy. The producers worked hard to find success. They seemed like a down to earth couple who worked hard and got a little yucky. Isn't there a saying, "Success is when preparation meets luck." (or something like that?)

I called my friend last night. Her mother is in the hospital. Her mother is the sweetest person. I'm praying she is OK. When a Mom is sick, it's like the end of the world. My friend's call waiting went, so she had to let me go. She called back, but I was going to bed. Hopefully, she's got some answers. Not knowing what is wrong can be so stressful. I left a message for my friend this morning. I hope she knows I'm thinking of her....

The Observer had a rough day too. He was sad that he couldn't walk. He said, "it seems like you and I talk less and less." This upset me. I don't mean to NOT call him. He knew I would be busy until evening. Sorry if I'm busy....We talk at least twice a day and it's important to me. That said, life gets busy. I hope the Observer understands. When I'm a ninety year old woman, I'll look back and feel grateful that someone wanted to talk to me.

Christmas is a month away. Soon I'll be saying that there's one more sleep until Christmas. Time flies, so life is for enjoying, talking, living, loving and living. Fitting all that in can be challenging, but none of these actvitives are unpleasant. It's a bit like filling our plates during holidays meals. They end up pretty full, but we manage to pack all the yummy food in. There's always room for good.


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