Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear Ian.....

Today is your twenty-seventh birthday. I hope you're enjoying yourself. I think of you every time I see Jim Scott on the bus. You remember him from hockey, right? Jim works at Wall-Mart and still plays hockey. He says your family is doing well. Your Dad is on the Board Of Directors for the league. I wonder how your sisters are doing. Vicki must be a veternarian by now and Christine is probably doing something sports related. Mostly though, I wonder how your Mom is doing. I loved her and always will. We shared a deep love for you. You are such a Mommy's Boy, but I respected that. As a dady's girl, how can I bash you? Your Mom kept your heart soft and your Dad kept your ways reserved.

The last year has been good. The U.S. president is black. I think you'd respect him. Nothing is new with me, except that I have high cholesterol. hopefully I'll be here for a while. If not, I take comfort in the thought that you'll be around to meet me at the gates of heaven. Life is sweet. I wish you were here.

Happy Birthday Ian.

Stay peaceful.