Sunday, December 20, 2009

Everybody's Fine...

Yesterday the Observer and I went to the city's newest movie theater to see Every body's Fine starring Robert Deniro. We were in the elevator with a handful of friendly people, including a local newscaster. I couldn't resist wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. We were treated like gold by customer service who helped us get to our seats and buy popcorn. The film focuses on an aging, recently widowed father of four. Advised to take it easy by his doctor, Deniro is determined to visit each of his children to catch up. His mission is to arrange for each of his kids to share a meal all seated together at the table.Lonely and in ill health, Deniro is searching for family connection. He finds each of his children happy but struggling with life's common challenges. Deniro asks each of his children if they are happy. All of their yeses seem to satisfy him. Deep down however, Deniro senses trouble when he is unable to see his most troubled son and finds his other children hiding the truth. Struck by a health scare while travelling, flashbacks reveal each of the character's demons. Deniro learns his mysteriously absent son died due to a tragic overdose.

Every body's Fine is a realistic portrayal of real families with dysfunction, love and a need to protect each other. My heart broke for Deniro, especially as his health deteriorated. The film made me cry when it was learned that Deniro's son commented suicide. The message was that the truth can be hard to hear. We sugarcoat reality because it's easier to handle. In the end, if families are all somehow able to come together, a father can safely say, "Every body's fine." We cannot change people or their problems. All we can do is love each other. Focusing on good keeps us sane, even if good is only part of the truth.

After the movie, we went to Starbucks. The server who helped us was amazing. To make up for the Observer having to wait for his drink, she gave him a coupon for a free beverage. Now that's service.


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