Friday, December 04, 2009

family time...

It's chilly outside today. My hands got red from the wind. For December though, who can complain about a little wind? There is still a chill in my bones from outside. I was tired last night. I read People magazine. It's my guilty pleasure. I tuned into the show Private Practice. I don't enjoy it as much as Grey's Anatomy, but it will do. I slept well. My eyes closed before I could catch Three's Company. I awoke with just enough time to catch the last five minutes. Three's Company has to be one of my new favourite shows. When I get excited about watching a show at two o ' clock in the morning, it must be good.

Mom is picking me up soon to go to a CBC radio Christmas special called Sounds Of The Season. My sister, her husband and my Dad are coming with us too. I have never been before but they have. I hear it's fun. My family wouldn't keep returning if it wasn't. It's been a while since I have seen my sister or parents for any length of time. I have missed everyone.


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three's company your new fav show lol