Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Sludging through the snow...

This girl needs a coffee. It's rainy, damp and slushy on this mid-December hump day. Typically, it's snowing this time of year, so we can't really complain about a little rain. On the upside, it's not too cold. Last night I went to the grocery store and bought sweet peppers. One I bought looked like a jalapeno. I love heat, so I was really looking forward to eating it. At lunch today, I was very disappointed to find the pepper tasteless. I needed heat. I suppose I need to be more up on my peppers. Before bed, I watched Shrek The Halls. It was cute and festive. I love Donkey and the gingerbread man. I also watched Dr. Oz, but I do every night. Two nights ago, Dr. Oz was talking about what to do in the event of someone losing consciousness due to a heart attack. He advised slipping aspirin under the person's tongue. I didn't know aspirin could be so powerful. On the day of Mom's heart attack, she was given aspirin in the ambulance. I love Dr. Oz.

Discovering I was out of oatmeal, I sludged through the wet streets to the same grocery store. In another month, it will probably be freezing, so this morning seemed like as good a time as any to brave the wet streets. My glasses got soaked but they dried. I put my hot cereal and hummus to go with the pita chips I'm bringing as an appetizer to a party on Saturday. I'm not really looking forward to going. The Observer will be there. Once it starts, I'll be glad I went. I have a few days left to gear up. First, I need a coffee.