Saturday, December 05, 2009

Sounds Of The Season...

Sounds of the Season was a fun experience. CBC taped their news broadcast live, which was exciting to watch. The event was free. The only admission requirement was a donation to the Food Bank. The studio was packed, but they let me on through. Unfortunately they only had space for me to see the show with one guest, so Mom sat beside me while Dad waited outside. Being live, they told us to make lots of noise by clapping and cheering. I don't think the crowd disappointed. Hearing the live radio broadcast was my favourite part. We heard a similar traffic report a few times, but I didn't mind. Robert Fisher, one of the city's well-known broadcasters, has a distinguished, professional demeanor. Listening to him made me feel smarter. Matt Galloway from CBC Radio One was also a big hit. Julie Black sang a few songs. She's talented, sweet and down-to-earth. Her new song Running is fun and upbeat. Julie Black got the crowd moving. A Spanish singer performed as well as Kiosk. He did a song called I Wish I Knew Natalie Port man. He's quite an improtu artist. The ushers kept letting new people in as space allowed. Mom and I kept looking for Dad, but he stayed outside waiting for my sister and her husband. They didn't get seated until the later half of the show, but at least they saw some of it.

I was starving as we listened. Mom gave me fig cookies she was hiding in her purse, which brightened me up. My gum chewing was driving her crazy. I started to want the show to be over. A choir from our local university sang and a man who used the Food Bank spoke on the positive impact it had on his life, or more specifically, how the Food Bank saved his life. He had a heart attack and couldn't see, work, or support himself for two years. His story was heartbreaking and inspiring. The man's story ended the evening on a high note. We got top notch entertainment for a worthy cause. Meeting up with my sister, her husband, and Dad, we all agreed that we needed to eat. I was hungry, cold, tired and grumpy and grumpy. I didn't care where we ate. I was hungry. We went to East Side Mario's - a mediocre, pseudo Italian chain restaurant. It's been years since I've eaten there. Mom and I couldn't decide what to eat. I devoured a loaf of bread before our food arrived. I had a salad with chicken, oranges, cheese, and figs. Mom and my sister had a portabello panni, Dad had a wrap, and my brother-in-law had pasta. We were so hungry, we would have eaten anything.

Today Dad and I are seeing Jersey Boys. The tickets are his birthday gift from me. I'm excited. Hopefully he is too. Dad wanted me to come home yesterday, but I needed space. I ate too much yesterday and felt very overwhelmed. After hearing the man's story about the food bank yesterday, I ought to be grateful for my family and the food I have, especially this time of year.


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