Friday, December 18, 2009

Warming and waxing up...

Do you ever get chilled to the bone? If you're human, of course you do. I'm not sure why I'm so chilly this morning. After showering, my shirt got wet, so maybe that's why. Last night wasn't a good sleep for me. I watched Dr. Oz on the Star channel. Daytime shows are repeated. It's handy if I miss the show's original time. I got help wrapping my friend's Christmas gift. Getting one wrapped and ready felt satisfying. I have one or two gifts left to pick up, but I'm not too worried.

My sister sent her wedding pictures. There are over five hundred. I looked at some, but five hundred is a lot, even if I consider my sister's wedding one of the best days of my life. I'll work my way through them slowly. Speaking of working up for things, I have been wanting to get my eyebrows plucked for ages. Today I think I'm finally going to do it. I'm nervous. I KNOW I will jump out of my skin. I jump when the phone rings on any day. Having a strip of hot wax pulled off my hairy eye region is bound to startle me. I will warn the eye waxer. Hopefully, he or she is a calm person. Waxing hurts, but I'll feel better afterwards. I always say, "Beauty knoweth no pain." In my case, beauty knows how to make me jump, but most things in life do.


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