Saturday, December 19, 2009

Warmness of spirits...

I love where I live. I love the area, the building and most of the care could be called top notch. Of course I have issues now and then, but that's how life is, right? Yesterday was the Christmas Party for staff and clients of Tobias House, my attendant care organization. The party room in my building was set up to look festive and welcoming. Mingling with staff was fun. I sat with my favourite attendant and a very spunky fifty-year-old lady who makes me laugh. She really wanted Kaluha in her coffee. One of my favourite attendants made delicious strawberry cheesecake. I dropped my last hunk. My other favourite attendant spilt her slice with me. Tobias House gave gave out scarfs and hand sanitizer as a holiday gifts. Their gift selection impresses me every Christmas. One year, we got fleece blankets, the next picture frames, and last year it was an LED night light. I love that they treat their consumers with such respect. I love that the organization values independence and freedom of choice. I love that they celebrate holidays, not only with gifts, but by coming together. I love my home and can't imagine leaving.

mom cried when i said i needed space. i felt awful. we talked and are on a similar page. we love each other - sometimes too much.

I tried to watch Polar Express yesterday. I had stomach issues and was feeling yucky. I couldn't focus on the move. It did look good. I'll try watching it again before Christmas. Last night was bad timing. I opted out of a Christmas party with the Observer. Given my tummy troubles, it turned out to be a wise choice. A higher power must have been watching over me. As much as I missed the fun, tummy troubles ruin all parties - no matter how fun. My attendant was super sweet and did a stellar job cleaning me up. In the Dollar store line-up today, a sweet woman bought my gum. Life is good. it's cold outside, but there are many warm hearted people, which makes any winter more tolerable.


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