Wednesday, December 16, 2009

what's your purpose?

I'm cold........Winter is here today. This morning I had big plans to go shopping, but spent the morning on the toilet reading. Oddly, I enjoyed the quiet time. One could say it was productive, but not in the way I originally intended. My stomach is happier, so that's good. I read a health book by Dr. Joey Shullman. I didn't learn anything new, but it was still relaxing.

The phone woke me at eight thirty this morning. It was my oldest brother. Being so early, I thought something was wrong. Isn't it a bit sad that my first assumptions are so negative? My brother was calling to say he was in the area and to ask if he could stop by. Thankfully, nothing was wrong. Unfortunately, timing didn't work out. I went to Timothy's for coffee. My machine is blinking, so I could have missed my brother's call. I haven't had time to check my messages. I was the only female in Timothy's. The shop was full of pairs of men. I didn't's where I live and I love it.

Last night I went to Starbucks. I was treated like a five star coffee drinker. They remembered that I needed a straw. At home, Kleen Prep kicked in (again). The first attendant was accommodating, but I can't say so for the second. Oh well, I avoided a disaster. I watched White Christmas for a second time and chewed gum. I think the message of White Christmas is that we all have a purpose. Maybe my purpose yesterday was keeping my attendants busy helping me in the washroom.


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