Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A worthy pin...

My eyes are barely staying open. It's just after five ' o clock. It's going to be a LONG night. I just finished a Starbucks coffee. Usually they wake me up, but I don't feel any different. Come on coffee...work your caffeine magic! Outside is a bit cold. Considering it's December 1st, our weather isn't too bad. In the bitter cold of February, we'll be wishing for weather like today. On the way back from the music store, a friendly guy stopped and gave me a red ribbon for World Aids Day. He showed me a picture he took of me on his digital camera. At first I didn't know whether to be freaked out or flattered, but I realized that he took the picture for a worthy cause. Why not lend my support? The guy complimented me on my orange coat and made sure to tell me that the pin he was putting on my coat wouldn't leave a mark. I'm quite sure the guy was gay. He was friendly.

I went to an appointment later today. I was cold getting there, but now I'm warm. I still need to wake up. I smelled coffee. Why isn't it bringing me to life? Being tired isn't the worst feeling. People have far bigger challenges. All I need to do is look down at the red ribbon pinned to my coat to appreciate the major struggles other people face. I'll sleep well tonight or even tomorrow. For other people, their discomfort doesn't disappear so easily.