Monday, January 04, 2010

The canoe...

Yesterday morning I ran out of coffee. That's a first. My attendants ALWAYS tell me when I'm out of coffee. I can't survive without it - especially in the morning. I made a quick, snowy trip to Starbucks. The coffee was cold by the time I returned to my building . I had another new experience yesterday when I went to church. I enjoyed it. I was a bit nervous at first, but I'm glad I went. The church is Pentecostal. I enjoyed the music. It's a young congregation. I didn't stay for the whole service, but the pastor talked about taking all of one's worries from the past, putting them in a canoe and dumping them in a river. I like that idea. My bladder exploded during communion. While the pastor was praying for a fresh new year for everyone, I was praying for my bladder to hold out. God can't stop nature. I think I'll go back. It's comforting.

Once home, a sweet attendant cleaned me up. I went to the grocery store and bought coffee, a pound of onions and peppers. My sister and her husband had been waiting for me for an hour to drive me to our parents. I lost track of time. I don't where my mind is these days. My sister and her husband were worried, but not angry. I admire their forgiveness. The drive home in the snowstorm was rough. My aunt and uncle and cousin came to visit. Our families have been strained for years. Fortunately the visit went well.

I stayed with my family and binged on pita chips. I need to find an eating balance. I will. It's going to take time - and a few trips of dumping my previous binges in a canoe.


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i'm glad you found comfort...hope all is well.