Friday, January 01, 2010

Human needs...

If you can help it, never be alone to ring in a new year. I learned this last night. At five o'clock, I got all set up to watch TV in my couch chair. It's my new favourite nightly ritual. You need to know that, once I'm out of my wheelchair, I can't move. I had my coffee, books, remotes, DVDs and VHS tapes all within reach. I watched the news. Hours passed and my attendant came to help me use the washroom. I asked for my favourite oatmeal cranberry cookies from the freezer. So focused on the cookies, I forget to ensure I was set up. I was left with no phone or controller and someone wouldn't be returning for another two hours. If I needed help, I'd be in trouble. Luckily, I still had my opener. Hitting the opener, I screamed for help for half an hour. My voice is already in bad shape from my cold. Two young guys came to my rescue. They wished me a happy new year. They left and I started to cry. I was alone, sad, scared and hungry. I called Mom and Dad who were urging me to come home. Mom asked right away if I was coming home. Moms always know. A minute or two later, the Observer called. He knows too. I was crying and he said I shouldn't be alone. Dad picked me up. At home, I drank lemon tea and ate cookies and crackers. I try to be strong, independent and hungry. I try to pretend I'll be OK. Sometimes I need people, food, and love. If you're me and sitting in a couch chair, a remote and a phone is also a smart idea.


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call me when you need me even if your not my girl i still love u