Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sweating, falling, moving, breathing, chewing

Last night I was so tired that I spent the evening sitting on my couch chair. I watched taped episodes of Oprah, Dr. Oz and Brothers and Sisters. I couldn't really tell you what the shows were about. My eyes were watching the screen, but my brain wasn't processing. Weird, isn't it? In bed, I watched a show on TVtropolis called Hoarders about people who can't part with any of their belongings. It was scary and intriguing. I couldn't stop watching the show. Somehow, deep down, people who save everything must feel like they will never have enough. I'm not a hoarder, but I can relate. We all strive to have enough in life.

I ran out of deodorant this morning. Lately I've been forgetting supplies. Deodorant is one thing I try never to be without. A girl has to smell good. I didn't feel like myself without deodorant. I bought two sticks and gum this afternoon. I am starting to breath easier - maybe just for today. Whether or not relief is temporary, I'll take it while it's here. I had a doctor's appointment with someone new today. She was friendly and soft spoken. I think it will be a positive connection. Outside is drizzly, but it's warm, so I'm not complaining. Anything is better than snow.

Tonight my dinner attendant wouldn't stop chatting. She's sweet, but I wanted to say, "Please be quiet". My listening ears are tired. She made some comment like, "I am trying to lose four pounds from Christmas too." I asked my attendant care manger to tell my attendants not to comment on my weight gain. Any mention of weight is bad news with me. I suppose this staff didn't understand. I can't stop sweating. The stomach flu is circulating through my building, so let's hope it stays clear of me. The picture hanging in my living room fell off the wall today. I heard a big thud, but didn't know what it was. That picture has been in the same place since I moved into my apartment five years ago. Everything and everyone needs to move, right? Sometimes, in cases like my attendant tonight, I wish some people would move faster than others.


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