Saturday, January 30, 2010

Up In The Air...

The cold snap is still here. I don't think it will go anywhere fast. Winter seems to last forever (or maybe just to me!) Last night was relaxing. I ate turkey soup, drank lemon Earl Gray tea, listened to tunes on the radio and watched some I Love Lucy on DVD. As usual, I watched Oprah on DVD. Her episode was called Fridays Live In Chicago. Normally, it's quite a gossipy show. This episode was no exception. The part I did enjoy was Jason Reitman's interview for Up In The Air. After finding out that it features real-life stories of the unemployed, I can't wait to see it. I also saw Oprah's interview with Jay Leno, but I wasn't really interested. Late night comedy doesn't do much for me. Craig Kilburger is funny though. I think it's his accent. Is he Irish, Scottish, or English?

Today I'm meeting my friend at Union Station. She's going to be shocked by my heftier self. My footrests are busted. They are being held together by red and orange string. Tomorrow I'm planning to head home for dinner. Hopefully my foot petals can be fixed before my ride comes. I'm crossing my fingers that my foot petals hold out and keep my feet steady. The fact that I use wheelchair foot pedals makes me a bit unique. On the other hand, everyone tries to keep his or her feet steady.


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