Monday, January 18, 2010

Visiting while on a visit...

There is a queasy, sick, feeling in the pit of my stomach. I am sad and full and empty too. My pants are tight. I'm fat again. i can't seem to stop eating. it drives me crazy, but it will pass. dad and i did go home on the train on Friday. all of the commuters were loud and chatty. I guess they were happy it was Friday. Dad and I surprised Mom. I was standing on the doorstep when she opened it. That night, we watched Momma Mia. I enjoyed it. There was a part when Meryl Streep said her daughter was going to get her "on the line" (meaning online). Mom and I couldn't stop laughing.

On Saturday, the plan was to get my glasses that Riley chewed fixed. Dad took me. We got there at 1:20. They closed at 1:00. Tough bananas for me and my eyes. Dad is the greatest for taking me. Before going home, we went to Coin-Op Car Wash. For a Tonie, you get to wash your car in a garage for five minutes. Watching the clock was fun. We visited my grandparents and uncle. Grandpa was good.

Later, we went out for dinner to Cagneys. They gave us free dessert because we had to wait even though we had a reservation. The manager told us ahead of time. My brother's girlfriend confirmed the free dessert before they brought our bill. Everyone was embarrassed, but the free cheesecake was delicous. My brother should marry this chick.

Early yesterday morning I got weighed at a vet's office. I sat on the scale in the middle of floor. It was interesting....We visited my brother and his wife at their house. It's beautiful. They painted the baby's room aqua. Dad drove me home. I cried again....I feel too big but I can't stop eating. It doesn't make sense, but maybe it doesn't have to.


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