Wednesday, January 20, 2010


There might be purple Kool-Aid on my mouth. Maybe there is - maybe there isn't......I watched some sitcom on Showcase yesterday with Rosie O' Donnell as a judge. It was about some model who wakes up as an overweight lawyer....I wasn't very impressed. Yesterday I ate WAY too much. I am stuffing myself full of junk. It's so unhealthy. I ate a soy burger from a place called South Street Burger, two cooked onions, two oatmeal raisin cookies from Starbucks, a donut and a waffle. That is too much food. I am trying to let it go. My jeans barely do up. I feel huge, but this will pass. I dropped my donut at Tim Hortons. A kind customer got me a new one.

I spent the morning listening to music. There is a new tune called Kings And Queens that I love. The video is funky. I evaluated the manager of my attendant services. He does a good job and is a friendly guy. I had very little to say that was negative.....I can always think of negative things to say about myself. Maybe I'll keep these thoughts to myself. When an unkind thought comes to mind, I'm going to crank up my music and dance.