Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dad sweet Dad...

I have to eat vegan pizza from Pizzaiolo at least once a week. Last night I got my fix. I order my pizza from outside because the store has steps. A sweet pizza employee gave me my pizza for free. She said it was the least she could do considering I couldn't go inside. I thanked her and meant it. The pizza was yummy and I even got a container of hot sauce. I stopped by Sobbeys and bought Pearl Mangosteen Crystal Light. It mixes up as a funky green colour and doesn't have much flavour. At home, I saw my attendant and had the last of my cranberry oatmeal cookies my brother made me before Christmas. They are my all-time favourite cookie. After my dessert, Dad called and saved my night again. He came to pick me up and took me home. It was one of those nights where I needed to see my parents. They seem to just know when I want to come home. I'm lucky. I ditched coffee plans with my friend again. I do feel bad for cancelling, but putting my family first is important. We watched a bit of the hockey game. Being so tired, I fell asleep quickly.

When I opened my eyes again, it was still dark. My TV remote was right beside me, but I couldn't see it. Isn't it funny how we often miss what is right in front of us? I'm guessing it was about four 'o'clock. I never went back to sleep. Mom likes to have her oatmeal and read the paper, so part of me felt like I was taking away the little time she makes for herself. I spent the morning reading and eating more of my favourite cranberry oatmeal cookies baked fresh by Mom. I honestly ate about a dozen. At least the cookies were made with love. I feel the love and my girth expanding.

I read more of Why Weight. It's more like a workbook, but it does hit home. Sometimes home is exactly where I feel I need to be.

Dad drove to Brantford to pick up a crib for his new grandchild. I can remember when the Observer's parents picked up a crib for the Observer's niece before she was born. The Observer stayed home, but I talked to him while his parents were out. Mom and I were worried about him driving in the snow. He made it home safely. I'm staying another night. Once I'm home, I feel happy and my belly is always full of love-infused food.


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