Sunday, February 14, 2010

Heart day....

My good friend invited me to a Rebounder's dinner at the Sunlife building last night. Rebounders is a support group for those who have had cancerous brain tumours as children. It's geared to people who are surviving and thriving. I've heard lots about the group over the years from my friend. They have many dinners and social events, but it was the first one I attended. Knowing that each person there survived challenges, I knew it would be an interesting night. The Sunlife building isn't far from my apartment, but I took the bus as I wasn't exactly sure how to get there. Earlier in the day I went exploring and found the Sunlife building, but thought I best go home for personal care. Plus, it was cold. A friendly guy knew that I was with Rebounders and took me up to the twenty-seventh floor. I entered into the group having a meeting but found my friend's Mom and my friend James instantly. Both greeted me with a warm hug. My friend and I chatted over fruit and cookies and admired the beautiful view. Everyone was sweet and laughed when I was introduced as my friend's date. I particularly enjoyed meeting the founders of Rebounders, two survivors who are married and have young children. They were warm, wise and welcoming. At dinner, my friend got me a plateful of chicken, potatoes, vegetables, salad and two slices of french bread. For dessert, we had yummy oatmeal cookies and white cream cake. I had too slices of cake and my share of cookies. I chatted with James' Mom. She told me how she wished James had a job and a girlfriend. I reassured her that one day he would. James' mom is sweet but very overprotective.

After dinner, I chatted with the Rebounders and made a Valentine's Day card for my friend's mom. As a joke, I included the phrase, "You Sexy Thing" and "Drop It Like It's Hot." She laughed. It was snowing, by night's end, so I was relieved to find my bus waiting for me. I ate too much dessert but was still glad I went. Food isn't as important as being with a friend.

Little did I know that my evening adventure at just began. Remember how I bought jalapeno peppers? After getting home and accidentally knocking down the garbage, I got pepper seeds on my fingers and naively touched my eyes. NEVER do that. My eyes burned like an inferno and I couldn't open them for an hour. The stress made my tummy turn and I needed to use the bathroom. I couldn't see the numbers on the phone to call for help. There was a smelly mess waiting for my attendant. I was wearing tight pants and my attendant pointed out how big I am. She cleaned me up, so I guess I have to brush her off. It's true. I am much bigger. On the upside, my fiery eyes stopped me from seeing the mess, but my nose sensed trouble. My eyes cleared after being washed out in the shower. I was glad to see again.

Tired and anxious about all the food, I fell asleep quickly. Waking up to a key being jammed in my door, I knew it was my attendant trying to get in to turn me. I knew the key she needed was on my table. She called to check on me and woke the superintendent up right before seven o clock. While waiting, I watched the Olympics. We won silver in women's skiing. I think it was skiing anyway. I also watched the first of this year's Survivor: Heroes v.s. Villains. Sugar got voted off for being too sensitive and for flirting with Coby.

My attendant this morning greeted me by saying, "Happy Valentine's Day". She can be private, so I appreciated her kindness after such a tough night. I'm wearing my red pants. Today is my parents' 33rd anniversary. They are picking me up soon. I'll spend Family Day with them. I feel fat and wish I could eat just vegetables at home, but I want to be OK and see Mom and Dad. Today is not about restricting food - it's about love.



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