Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm watching...

The snow came after lunch yesterday. It's still here. I came into the library dripping in snow. A lady saw me and said, "You're very snowy." The way she said her comment was so innocent and sweet that I had to laugh. She's a kind person. I could tell. A helpful library staff employee wiped my glasses for me. He is thoughtful. People are sweet most of the time.

Last night I watched a Dr. Oz show where he ambushed buffet goers by posing as an undercover observer. He broke his disguise and evaluated people's choices. The majority of eaters made unhealthy choices and admitted that they chose burgers, fries and sweets because they were free. They could have chosen salmon and vegetables. One woman asked her friend to get her more cake and they were spotlighted on the show. I had to laugh. Given the opportunity, I probably would have asked for more cake too. When it comes to sweets, I have no shame or restraint. There was also an intervention on a lady who gained one hundred pounds in a year. Dr. Oz talked about the complications of gaining too much weight too quickly. Hearing about these dangers made me nervous. In the last six weeks, I've gained about twenty five pounds. How can that be good for my cholesterol? Soon I'm going to have it checked. It's best to face facts rather than ignore them, isn't it?

Did I mention that I can now tape ANY channel on my DVD and VHS recorder? For a long time, I could only tape up to channel 16. Recently however, I taught myself how to "tune" my VCR so that it will tape any channel. Not too shabby, is it? After Dr. Oz, I watched two taped episodes of The Golden Girls. In the first episode, Rose found a new love interest. She said that her new relationship made her "happier than when they invented 'heart shaped salami'." Rose is hilariously sweet. The secondary plot involved Sophia hiring a retired, Italian contractor to remodel their garage. The old man turned out to be a butt pincher. Rose is as naive as Blanch is bold. Dorothy is as focused as Sophia is spunky. It takes each kind of character to build a top notch show. In the second episode, befriended a man who had Alzheimer's. It was sad but real.

This morning I went to the St. Lawrence Market. I've been looking for bitter melon for Mom. Bitter melon is an Asian vegetable that is supposed to be good for regulating blood sugar. After calling the health food stores The Big Carrot and Noah's, I discovered both stores only carry bitter melon in capsule form. I know Mom is looking for the raw vegetable, so I held out. At the St. Lawrence market, I found a store that sells raw bitter melon. It's only in stock on Fridays. Fridays are my regular market day, so the timing works. I bought bread from Stonemill bakery and mushrooms and grapes for myself. I ate the grapes at the market for lunch. They were a big bunch. I ate an over sized portion, which made me guilty. Grapes are better than eating a big cookie, aren't they? If Dr. Oz ambushed me, I should have been OK. After yesterday's episode, I realized that we never know who is watching us. This reality can be positive or negative. Thanks to my new tuned VHS/DVD player, I can watch a lot more entertainment now.


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