Saturday, February 06, 2010

Memories on the train....

I made a spur of the moment decision to take the Go Train home with Dad yesterday. Part of me needed family love. I got a yummy Irish Cream coffee and we sat and chatted for an hour while we waited for the Go Train. I enjoyed people watching with Dad. The whole world seems to go through Union Station. Dad sat beside a lady we recognized. She was middle aged and African. She remembered us. We got talking and she told us about having Polio as a child. Dad talked about his best friend Winston from P.E.I. Ironically, Winston just died of a stroke. He had Polio. The woman talked about her teenage children and how her daughter often says she is mean. The woman gets hurt.

"Not too long ago, I would say horrible things to my Mom too. I felt torn between being a child and an adult. It's a rough age, but if you can just hang in there for the next five or so years, it will get better." I said. Hopefully the woman believed me. She talked about how she lives with her aging parents. The woman's daughter likes to watch TV and the dinner hour. The grandfather has a family rule that they must all sit down to dinner each night. Trying to keep the peace, the woman tries to delay cooking dinner so her daughter can finish watching her show. The sandwich generation must struggle to bridge gaps between tradition and modernity.

A little boy I see each trip on the Go Train walked over to me and gave me a candy. He was so sweet. Everyone who rides the train knows that little boy.As an adult, he will remember riding the train with his Mom. I am an adult and I will always remember riding the train with my Dad.