Monday, February 15, 2010

Ninety pound Liz...

On my way back from unsuccessfully finding the Sunlife Building on Saturday, I heard someone call my name. When someone calls my name, I always get a little nervous. What if it's someone I really would rather not see? Of all the people I know, who could it be? On the other hand, what if it's a long-lost lover, neighbour, or friend? Needless to say, I stopped. There, on a busy, down-town crosswalk right close to the mall, was Liz. Liz was in my grade ten drama and social science class at my first high school. She and I were never particularly close, but I know that she is a good person. She asked me "What I was doing here." When I say, "I live around here," people looked surprised. What's so shocking about living down-town? We made small talk. Liz took Early Childhood Education at Ryerson and is supply teaching. Before we got too personal, I told her I was in a rush. It was the truth. I had a booking and a bus to catch.

I'm glad Liz called out my name. Catching up with high school acquaintances is fun. The thing I distinctively remember about Liz is her always pointing out how she weighed ninety pounds. At least every other class Liz would mention her weight. My sarcastic friend Ryan uttered, "You're small enough for me to put you in a locker, for a few minutes so we can all stop listening to go on about your weight." Though mean, I had to smile. I could have justified almost not stopping by saying, "You're so small. I almost missed you!" (I wouldn't, of course!)


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