Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh Yeah Canada!

On my way home yesterday, a guy standing outside Zippers told me that the Canadian Women's Hockey Team won last night. I smiled and said "Go Canada!" I accidentally dropped my TV remote and ran over a man's foot in the elevator. Not one of my proudest moments, but it's over. I couldn't sleep last night. I got turned over twice. Most of my night was spent watching the music channel. There is a song called Oh Yeah by Jaicko that I love. It's such a catchy, happy tune. I cranked up the volume as soon as Oh Yeah came on.

Today I learned that sometimes waiting pays off. My plan was to head out early this morning and get a coffee. (I'm obsessed with my Buy One, Get One Free Coffee Card from Second Cup!) One look outside told me that it may not be smart. The snow was coming down hard and navigating the streets looked challenging. Instead of venturing out into the drifting, white flurries, I sat at my kitchen table and read a good chunk of the book The Secret. The book can be summed up by saying: Think Positively! When it comes to wealth, I learned that it is important to give to others regardless of how little we have. When we give to others, we are saying, I have plenty. There is no need to be fugal or to deprive ourselves. Believing we will never lose out promotes a sense of peace and security....

Later I trudged through the snow and got a Belgian Chocolate Coffee from Second Cup. It was yummy. Some things are worth waiting for....Oh yeah!


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