Thursday, February 18, 2010

Red mittens, single-hood, bread binge and goals...

I've told two people in two days that the Observer and I are no longer together. The first was a Transhelp Customer Service Representative. She asked if we did anything special for the Observer's birthday. When I told her that we parted ways, she kept apologizing for being "intrusive". I told her not to worry. The second person was a girl in my building named Rachel. Speaking of filling people in on my single status, the bus driver who took me to the Sunlife Building last week wanted to know if I "had a romantic date with my boyfriend". When I explained why I didn't, the driver wanted to know why we broke up. I said what I always say: "The Observer is the perfect guy - just not the perfect guy for me." Though sharing such personal information with a bus driver felt a bit odd, it's the truth.

HawthoRNe turned out to be a good show. It's a lot like Grey's Anatomy. Jada Pinkett Smith isn't a bad actress. Last night I met my friend at the Old Spaghetti Factory. We had a fun time catching up over pasta, bread, soup and ice cream. Our meeting time was 7:00, but I got there early, so I got to hold a buzzer that lit up when our table was ready. While waiting in the bar, I met a little boy who told me that his Mom had the same red and white Olympic mittens that I did. There must have been a school on field trip because a bunch of teenagers left the restaurant all at once. A teenager saw my Olympic mittens and commented that, "I believe". Her remark made me smile. Teenagers tell it like is. My mittens have sure become an ice breaker.

While waiting for my friend, I am ashamed to admit that I ate an entire loaf of sourdough bread. Next time I will wait for my company to arrive before starting to eat. It's easier for my head to handle and more polite. After having some health issues, my friend is feeling better, which makes me happy. I tried Spumoni ice cream. I liked it. These days I like ALL food. My big dinner got my stomach rolling, so I had to rush home. Luckily, I made it and both attendants I saw were helpful. The phone rang just as I was getting ready for bed. It was my friend calling to make sure that I got home safely. Her gesture was sweet. We must be getting more mature to be checking up on each other. Part of maturation is knowing that anything can happen to anyone at any one time.

While in my doctor's waiting room today, I read part of The Secret. It says there are no accidents. Believing that it's possible to be in the wrong place at the wrong time is negative thinking. Hmmm....I have to read up on that. In the room beside me, a patient was in session with her therapist. She had a loud voice. I couldn't help but hear her say, "My husband will love you if you can bring back my feeling 'down' there' ." I had to smile. I'm upset about the bread binge, but all I can do is move on. An attendant commented that I "feel heavier". There is no doubt in my mind I have gained weight. In the spirit of positive thinking, my mantra is, "I am OK and can eat whenever I want."

On that end, I bought more Blueberry Pomegranate gum today. My goal is to eat one piece tonight instead of the whole package. Another goal is to go to the mall and buy a present for my sister. It's her thirty second birthday tomorrow. We're celebrating on Sunday. My third goal is to go to the St. Lawrence Market and buy bread for my family. Writing my goals down makes me more likely to achieve them. There must be some part of The Secret that explains written accountability.


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