Thursday, February 25, 2010

Starting fresh...

Every day is a new start. I need to remember this. I survived last night. I went to Shoppers Drug Mart and picked up some Earl Grey tea. The Observer called. I read a new book called Why Weight by Geneen Roth. The Secret just wasn't for me. I think it's going to hit home. I've only read the introduction. So far I can relate to it, which is a good sign. All of Geneen's other books were amazing, so I have high hopes for Why Weight.

A big snowstorm is expected to hit tomorrow. Flurries already began this afternoon. I had an appointment at two ' o clock and the snow made the air chilly. Only wearing my vest was not smart, but I did take the bus. The driver who drove me there was super sweet. He remembered me, which made me happy. The driver coming home was super sweet too. He didn't put his signal on and another driver came and yelled at him. Witnessing the whole fight made me nervous. For a second I thought they were going to take a swing at each other. Luckily, both guys played it safe. By the time I got home at four o' clock, I was badly in need of a coffee. Grumpy, I called Mom. She wanted to know if I wanted to come home. I love how they always ask. I'm lucky. I used my Second Cup card and bought a butter pecan flavoured coffee, which was yummy. There's nothing like butter pecan coffee - and a new day.


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