Friday, March 26, 2010

Atwood at the library...

"If you knew what was going to happen, if you knew everything that was going to happen next -- if you knew in advance the consequences of your own actions -- you'd be doomed. You'd be ruined as God. You'd be a stone. You'd never eat or drink or laugh or get out of bed in the morning. You'd never dare to."

Margaret Atwood

I went to see Margaret Atwood speak last night. I enjoyed her talk. She's funny, creative and wise. Atwood was interviewed for about an hour and a half by Ian Brown, a well-known journalist. The last half hour was an open question period. The last question came from a girl who went on and on about how Atwood was her idle. The girl took FOREVER getting to her question and got all choked up....Atwood said she always wanted to be an opera singer but she can't carry a tune to save her life.

"Anyone who tells you that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to and your dreams are all possible is lying," Atwood admitted.

I had to laugh. If we don't always write the truth, at least we can tell it sometimes.


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