Thursday, March 11, 2010

Coffee heart-race...

I was exhausted yesterday. On the way home from the library, I ate an oatmeal Starbucks cookie. A cookie amounts to all the caries I used to eat ALL day. My friend came over. She brought me a pretty yellow plant. We ate turkey chili. She didn't like dinner. I could tell. We went to Timothys. I had a flavoured coffee and we spilt a yummy slice of mousse cake. I wasn't hungry, but it was fun to share and chat. My friend is sweet and wise. I was really tired and slept well....when I'm tired, I eat more.

Today I went a doctor's appointment, bought coffee, ate oatmeal and came to the library. The computer's were down, so I went to a book reading from No Place Strange and Dragon's Den. I enjoyed the sex scenes from the novels. They made my heart race - or maybe it was from the Tim Horton's coffee I was drinking. Coffee and sex can both be exciting.