Sunday, March 07, 2010

Dads know....

It's ANOTHER beautiful day. We've been so lucky. My plans to head home on Saturday got fuddled. The bus was late picking me up from the library. My cell phone died and I was going to Sherway after it closed. Being left with no ride and no cell phone didn't sit well with me. While waiting, I ran into the Observer's best friend who was dropping off book. Seeing her made me smile. I was thankful our meeting wasn't too awkward. I drove back to my apartment feeling sad and disappointed. With a backpack full of strudel and frozen meat to deliver, I didn't realize how badly I wanted to go home. I called Dad who offered to come pick me up. I said no even though I wanted to say yes. Mom called and said she'd pick me up on her way home from work. I wish she didn't know me so well. I knew Dad would pick me up to give her a break.

While waiting for Dad to pick me up, the superintendent came by to talk to me about my bathroom light. It's a florescent light that has burnt out. It's been flickering on and off for weeks. One of these days, it's going to give me a seizure. He levelled with me and said he had a few glasses of wine, so it might not be the best day for him to fix it. I laughed. I finished watching this week's Grey's Anatomy just in time. In the car, I told Dad how good it was to see the Observer. He asked me if I am sure if breaking up with the Observer is still right.....I didn't say anything. Before bed, I ate my favourite cranberry oatmeal cookies and flax crackers. Still thinking about Dad's question, I went to bed with a full tummy and a confused head. How do parents sense what might be happening with their children before their even children know?