Monday, March 01, 2010

First March Monday...

I stayed home for one more night. Why not? Mom and Dad took me to Sushi Tei, a Korean/Japanese restaurant. I haven't been there for a long time. Mom loves Bibinbob, stir fried vegetables and rice mixed with an egg and cooked in a stone bowl. They had beef bibinbop and I had mushroom. It was yummy and comforting. They gave us green tea ice cream for dessert. The colour of the ice cream reminds me of my bedroom at home. It's sage green. We watched the figure skating exhibition at home. I cried when they replayed Joannie Rochette's winning performance after she lost her mother. The exhibition was good, but I was pretty tired. There were some cute little kids who skated. I fell asleep right away.

Mom woke me up and said I had puffy eyes. Puffy eyes mean I had a good sleep. My brother came to picked up the crib. He looked at me and laughed. My first thought was, "He's laughing because I'm so chubby." Maybe I'm wrong. We went to see my grandparents. Grandpa's been resisting having a shower. He had one yesterday and he looked fluffy and clean. Grandpa was quiet. He enjoyed seeing Riley. Catching up with Grandma was sweet. She said I "looked good." I appreciated her compliment.

Rushing home, we watched the Canada versus United States hockey game. I ate wheat and flax crackers that got my stomach reved up. I didn't want to stop Dad from watching the game, but nature wouldn't wait.Our hockey team won gold! The game went into overtime. We ate our stir fry in front of the TV. I LOVED the suspense. So did Mom and Dad. The game was a nail biter. Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal. The city went crazy with horns, whooping, and Canadian clothing. Everyone got excited....

it's sunny out today, which is a great way to begin the month of March. An attendant called me chubby. It's true. I'm chubby, but it's OK. Everything passes. I read the rest of Why Weight? I'm doing the exercises in the workbook, which I hope will help me accept my body. I'm not going to get far by dwelling on how big I am. The only way to heal is to be kind to ourselves.

I got free coffee from MacDonald's today. Sweet!